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November 19, 2012

Author: mpn intertrade

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5 Social Media Marketing Strategies Not to Miss

So you have set up your Facebook fan page, a LinkedIn company account and a Twitter account (you could have more) and they sit idle. Sure you post a few promotions, some interesting ideas, tips or even a funny joke to get audience interested but is that really enough? Are you getting the most out of your social media presence?

No matter which industry you work in or who your customers and clients are, if you are involved in social media marketing, there are certain concepts you just cannot ignore. Here are the top 5 strategies you should implement.

1.  Target your audience

People love to be noticed. When putting posts, let people know you are talking to them. Think, talk and act like them. Also, listen to their conversations through targeted monitoring and a listening strategy. Using keywords, hash tags and genuine dialogues can really help understand the market needs.

2.  Creating meaningful interactions

Once you know your audience and understand what they like or don’t like, make sure your posts and interactions are meaningful. This basically means you don’t go around posting unrelated content that doesn’t benefit you or the reader.

3.  Don’t just try to sell

Unless you are a restaurant, a bar or a retail company with tons of promotions, try not to crowd your posts or tweets with ‘sales’ or ‘brags’. Instead be an influencer, an expert or a teacher. People appreciate tips, news and tricks.

4.  Create social media marketing policies

Now this is a big one because I have seen quite a few companies make this mistake. Policies need to be put in place so that the person managing your company page or account does not make posts that are disruptive, obtrusive or degrade not just your business but also your (potential) customers.

5.  Be innovative

I’ve read lots of articles that say have a schedule for posts. I say NAY. Be slightly spontaneous and unpredictable. Get your fans guessing what will be in store for them next week so they will keep coming back to your page.

Unless your ‘predictable’ and scheduled posts make your fans happy, keep doing it but add a bit of flare. Post an interesting video or host competitions to get more engagement.


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